Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Las Vegas Holidays means vacations in fun city

Las Vegas Holiday packages are meant for the fun-loving, night enjoying god defying person. Located in the State of Nevada, Las Vegas is the most populous city of the state and the county seat of Clark County. Las Vegas is an internationally recognized city for casinos, nightlife and fine dining. Las Vegas sees international tourists flocking everyday. 

Las Vegas Holidays Packages

A cheap holiday package to Las Vegas earns one a well deserved vacation!

Tourist Attractions of Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a humungous city and truly one visit cannot do justice to all the sights that exist there. At a glance here are some must sees.
Ethel M Chocolate Factory: The Ethel M Chocolate factory has seen business since the beginning of the 20th Century. These people really know the nuances involved in chocolate making and thus bring out the best in the confection. One will be amazed at the modern techniques that are involved in the process of chocolate making.
Red Rock Canyon: A favourite sight of Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon sees many acres of the Mojave Desert. One can go hiking here with a cycle or a dirt bike.  One can even enjoy the sights here on horseback.
Valley of State Park: Located North East of Las Vegas is the Valley. It contains unusually coloured rock formations and pre historic fossils.
Hoover Dam: Named after President Herbert Hoover, this dam was constructed during the great depression to contain the enormous Colorado River. It is regarded as the eighth wonder of the world.
Lake Mead National Recreation Centre: This is one the largest man made lakes in the world. It has many recreation activities like boating, pool, bowling, tennis among others.
Shark Reef: The shark reef houses sharks of many varieties ranging from the dwarf shark to the leopard and zebra shark. The only species not available is the Great White!
Adventure Dome: It is a theme park featuring many water and aerial rides. It also has cable cable cars and video games and it also features many Disney shows.
Star Trek: Featuring displays from the movie Star Trek, this museum displays many models of the Sci-Fi genre.
Las Vegas Springs Reserve: A resort cum entertainment center, it features a variety of entertainment options for a visitor. Attractions include Big Springs Gallery, display of rare and weird creatures and living animal’s collection.
Las Vegas Chinatown: This part of Las Vegas contains shows and dances of the Chinese. It also contains Chinese artefacts and restaurants.

Foods of Las Vegas:

RIserva Steak
Chicken Fingers
Hot N Juicy style shrimp
Consome Loco Tacos
Khao Soi
Honey Toast
Miso Ramen
Soup Dumplings
Lamb Tagine
Melrose Shrimp
Vegan Donuts
Black Cod
Secret Pizza
Chicken Fried Lobster
Chicken Benedict
Oxtail Soup
Prime Rib
Bone in Veal Parmesan and Meatballs

Last Minute Holiday Packages to Las Vegas:
With the Christmas season approaching, there are fabulous last minute holiday packages to Las Vegas. Crystal travel takes care of everything from doorstep to doorstep. With so many deals up fro grabs, book your vacation to Las Vegas now.


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