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Los Angeles Vacations are a Winter Escapade

Los Angeles is located in the sunshinestate of California. It is the second most populous city in the country and the most populous city in the state of California. Home to the famous Hollywood, Los Angeles is termed the ‘Entertainment Spot of the World’. Los Angeles is famous for its California oranges, a fruit that is exported throughout the world. Los Angeles is located on the South-West corner of the United States and is bordered by Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona and by Mexico (a separate country).
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 Interesting facts about Los Angeles:

Los Angeles sees twenty four million visitors every year.
The metropolis flower is the bird of heaven and the city tree is the coral tree.
Los Angeles is home to the television show Bay Watch.
Residents of Los Angeles are popularly called Angelenos.
Los Angeles has a list of nick names namely L.A., City Of Angels, Southland, Lalaland. 

Sports of Los Angeles:

  • Baseball 
  • Basketball 
  • Football 
  • Gaelic Football 
  • Hockey 
  • Lacrosse 
  • Rugby League 
  • Rugby Union 
  • Soccer
Sports play a major role in the development of children’s lives. Admission to good colleges and universities also depend a lot on sports performances and not mere academic grades. 

Famous sporting arenas in Los Angeles:

  • The Forum 
  • Staples Center 
  • Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena 
  • Honda Center 
  • Dodger Stadium 
  • Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Sight seeing in Los Angeles:  

Hollywood: Hollywood sees millions of visitors each year who pay their respects to the film industry and sometimes even get a glimpse of the stars.
Downtown Los Angeles: This part of Los Angeles sees tourist attractions like MOCA Museums, Little Tokyo and other popular sites.
Disneyland: One of the major attraction sites in California, it is an amusement park that features shows and games of the famous Disney.
Universal Studios Hollywood: The world famous movie studio features, rides, games and many other attractions suited for all ages.
Beverly Hills: A world class destination, Beverly Hills symbolizes the up market elite crowd. People frequent the eateries and cafeterias of this place hoping to get a look at their favourite Hollywood Star.
Santa Monica: The most popular beach in Los Angeles, it has room for water sports and is a popular romantic place for couples.
Malibu: A popular place for ocean side restaurants, wineries, wine tasting rooms etc.

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Restaurants in Los Angeles:

      Engine Co. No. 28 Katsuya
      Rock N Fish
      Trax Cicada
       Lazy Ox Canteen

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Toronto Holidays are holidays in North America's most vibrant city

Toronto is located in Canada in the NorthAmericas. It is the largest city in Canada and is situated in the Ontario Province. It is the commercial capital of Canada and is home to the Toronto Stock Exchange. Toronto is considered to be rather advanced and technologically sound with respect to Globalization Standards. States bordering Ontario are New York, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.
The leading sectors in which Toronto leads economically are media, arts, software production, medical research, education, tourism and engineering. 
Interesting facts about Toronto:
Toronto is Canada’s largest city though not its capital.
Motorhome in Toronto
Toronto was founded by the British

Toronto is also known as Hollywood North
Toronto houses the headquarters of all foreign banks
Toronto houses the only authentic castle in North America
More than 100 languages are spoken in Canada
Toronto houses the CN Tower, one of the world’s tallest buildings

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 Sports in Toronto:  
  • Hockey 
  • Baseball 
  • Basketball 
  • Football 
  • Soccer 
  • Lacrosse 
  • Auto Racing 
  • Tennis 
  • Horse Racing

Sports Arenas in Toronto
  • Ricoh Coliseum 
  • Rogers Center 
  • Maple Leaf Sports and EntertainmentTrade Ice Time
Forest Hill Memorial Arena
Geo Bell Hockey Association
Lamport Stadium

Foods of Toronto:
  • Cheese Steaks 
  • Hamburger 
  • Clam Chowder Soup 
  • English Sausages 
  • Sunny Side Up Omelettes 
  • Pancakes with Syrup 
  • Meat Balls with Parmesan Pasta
Sightseeing in Toronto:
Air Canada Center: It is a mega structure with complete 21st Century infrastructure. It is home to the Toronto Raptors (Basketball) and Toronto Maple Leaf (Hockey).
The entrance to the Toronto Christmas MarketRogers Center: A sports arena in Toronto it is home to the National Football and Baseball Team.
CN Tower: The second wonder in the north Americas, it features a revolving restaurant, glass floor observation decks and a simulator theater.
Canadian National Exhibition: Located on the banks of the famous Lake Ontario, it is a humungous amalgamation of entertainment, shows, sports and displays.
Ontario Science Center: This Science Centers has innovative displays that not only provide elaborate explanations but also interactive games.
Toronto Zoo: The Toronto Zoo, features animals from various parts of the world. Each part is geographically divided. Some animals on display are Prezwalski Foals, Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger, Polar Bear the Eurasian Eagle among others.

Canada’s Wonderland: This wonderland contains the most adrenaline filled rides in Canada. Consisting of water parks, roller coaster rides and cable cars, a visit to this place would take an entire day.
Harbour Front: This site contains art galleries, theaters, craft boutique restaurants etc by a waterside view. A one stop shop for all purposes.
Toronto Islands: Situated on the shores of the Ontario River, these islands contain beaches, boat rentals, barbeques etc. In other words, it’s an all day fun point.

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Kerala Holiday Packages | Kerala Cheap Holiday Packages

Kerala Holiday packages provide a holiday escapade like none other. Whether one is a single traveller looking for adventure tourism or is on a family vacation, Kerala provides for all. Not only is Kerala God’s own country it has sound infrastructure designed to suit foreign visitors. Located in the Southern part of India, Kerala’s state language is Malayalam. The capital city is Trivandrum and the state is bordered by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.  Some other tourist spots are Thekady, Cochin and Kozhikode.

Every year Kerela sees tourists flocking to its cities from all over the world. Kerela offers breath taking views of lush green woods, serene backwaters and amazing wildlife. More importantly it is a sea-food lover’s paradise.

Important cities from a traveller’s perspective:  

Alleppey: One of the most visited cities in Kerala, this amazing city has a unique network of canals thus giving it the title ‘Venice of the East’.
Ernakulum: Situated along the coastline of the Arabian Sea, lies Ernakulum. It is the commercial capital of the country and has an ancient history of trade with Arabs, Persians and Chinese.
Kerala Holiday Packages
Idukki: The natural beauty and splendour of Kerela actually lies in Idukki. This place is a destination for travel writers as it contains the highest mountain peak and also forests. Many interstate tributaries merge here and form rivers. 

Kannur: Home to Kerala’s festivals, this place is an escape for the city dwellers into the bosom of nature. A small town in Northern Kerela, it does away with the hustle-bustle and noise of city life.
Kasaragod: Blessed with the bounty of nature, Kasaragod is home to many of the local villages and towns of the state. These people still live in huts and do away with the ills of technology. Many rivers join the Arabian Sea here. This city provides many sights for travel photographers
Cochin: This city is one of the largest cities in Kerela. It still contains elements of European colonization and French is widely spoken here.
Kollam: This city is known for its agricultural produce such as pepper, coffee, jute, coir and other products.
Pathanamthitta Travel: A place for religious sites in the state Pathanamthitta has a mixed variety of temples, mosques and churches.
Thekkady: A place meant for the laid back traveller, this place is meant to enjoyed and savoured at leisure.
Wayanad: Located in the Western Ghats, Wayanad is a popular hill station. It attracts visitors who like to see snow clad mountain tops in a place otherwise having temperate climate.

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Foods of Kerala:
Spicy Fish Curry with Rice
Baked Tapioca dish
Appam with Mutton Curry

Kerala Beach
Sadya- A seven course vegetarian meal
Lentils and gunpowder
The cuisine changes taste and flavour as one approaches the different border areas of the state.

Religious make up of Kerela:

Kerela sees a mix of many faiths though the majority is Hindu followed by Christians and Muslims respectively

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